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October 4, 2018, Compound Registration 18.22.0-1810031627


  • Json validation
  • Before/After structure images are clickable/magnified in the Audit window
  • Focus stays on Register button after registration is complete
  • Improved visibility when fields in forms are non-editable
  • Staging: filtering is performed both in short and detailed status messages
  • Upload: import of mapping files (.map) now clears the auto-mapped fields before applying the map
  • Registration page: multi-component compound preview is generated when no structure but CST is available
  • Round parent multiplicity replaced by Round salt multiplicity in the Administration panel


  • Downstream Client with Additional data is not working

  • Additional data group is displayed even if it does not contain any field

  • Uploading non existing project causes silent failure
  • Submissions are lost during SDF upload when undefined Project is mapped
  • Upload hangs when additional data is too large to fit in database
  • No Structure with CST registration updated parent fields with latest data
  • Parent level amendment breaks No structure with CST matching
  • The order of forms is not reflected on the UI
  • "undefined" appears for "Link" type fields with "null" content, when appending collections
  • Long text is out of field during Upload mapping
  • Original query structure is not shown when hitting on "Back to last search"
  • Inconsistent behaviour in case of percentage field of FORMULATION (and POLYMERS)
  • Audit field length too short
  • Validation failed error message during amendment process after using Esc in the Audit
  • In Staging filtering "Current status" column does not work
  • Submission export is terribly slow
  • Install wizard messes up with invalid license
  • Registering a virtual compound: View Details leads to an empty Tree Browser
  • Spring context doesn't start without DB connection
  • Too many users are out of the box in IE11
  • Submissions with "InProgress" status thrown NullPointerException at server restart

  • No fused image is created and registration is prohibited from the Staging area/Submission page in case of Alternates, Mixtures and Formulations using Oracle DB
  • Polymer matching fails upon modification

Known issues

  • The structures within the multi-component compound fused images might be covered by the percentage.

August 23, 2018, Compound Registration 18.20.0-1808230810


  • Added ChemDraw 16 support
  • Modal dialogs became adaptive, considering the screen size and its content
  • Drag & drop functionality to bulk upload files
  • Performance improvements during submission handling
  • JChem version updated to 18.20.0


  • Project info cannot be set on the Registration/Submission/Browse page if Projects are not added from the Administration page
  • Scrollbar missing in certain modal dialogs in IE11
  • Too long additional data appears out of the box during bulk upload
  • Required field validation is ignored during bulk upload
  • Search export might get stuck in 'In progress' state and not complete
  • Additional data not being captured during bulk upload when the molfile is invalid
  • Migration issues with MySQL

Known issues

  • Downstream Client with Additional data is not working

July 10, 2018, Compound Registration 18.7.9-1807061344


  • Search speed improvement:
    • by adding indexes to the additional data table
    • by requesting only structure images for visible entries on the Search page
  • Add cursor navigation to select, combobox and typeahead input elements (by using the arrow keys)


  • SAML workflow:
    • After a certain period of inactivity, you get redirected to a user/password page rather than SAML workflow
    • Everything after the hash gets dropped after going through the SAML login workflow
  • Migration failing with timeout for "No structure"
  • "No structure" and "No CST" compounds are not sent to the downstream system
  • Downstream client misses lots
  • Sorting of search results might not work using Oracle
  • Loading more results is not always present when scrolling down the search results
  • Search criteria dropdown is not positioned correctly
  • Search page criteria selectors are shifting
  • Structure column is overlapping the Formula on the Search page
  • Uploading "No structures": PCN mapping is not considered when the PCN of an already registered "No structure" is used
  • Uploading "No structures" should fail when mapping the PCN of an already registered structure
  • Browse, Viewing Collections appear in an Edit window with Apply option
  • Pressing Esc button on the Form config's Level selection dialog leaves the overlay on the page
  • Cannot delete a user with long name from the Group using Internet Explorer 11 as web browse
  • Staging filter does not validate the input
  • Not possible to leave the Search for Salts/Solvates field without selecting something
  • Empty Upload page displays for a few seconds when user switches from the Bulk Upload Summary page
  • File upload: when browsing twice the same file, the upload becomes inactive
  • Form render issue when using ${currentDate} as Default value for Date field

Known issues

  • "To Be Reviewed" functionality has been temporary removed from the Registration process (instead a "Two-step-registration" can be used during bulk upload)
  • Database migration to this version fails on MySQL with certain configurations (ToBeReviewedValidator step is wrongly present in some workflows)
  • Cannot set a Project info if Projects are not added on the Administration page

June 13, 2018, Compound Registration 18.6.11-1806081557

New features and improvements

  • New improved form configurator
  • Configurable Advanced mode registration option
  • Mappable fields are sorted during bulk upload
  • Type-ahead selection of fields for mapping during bulk upload is available
  • User group membership info can be extracted from the authentication token
  • Message extension


  • Fix for downloading/deleting submissions from the Upload Summary page
  • Fix for login after using wrong AD settings
  • Fix for placeholder text not visible for date field
  • Fix for bulk upload containing no-structure but having CST (Invalid Structure Type validation error was received)

Known issues

  • Migration failing with timeout for "No structure"
  • Cannot set a Project info if Projects are not added on the Administration page

May 11, 2018, Compound Registration 18.5.14-1805110920

New features and improvements

  • CompReg license can be uploaded from the UI: Administration/Tools/License Manager
  • Expired license notification and warning that a license is about to expire appears on the toolbar
  • The E-mail server configuration is available on the UI: Administration/Notification/E-mail
  • LotId "unique" switch is removed. LotId "required" switch is kept. Administration/Integration/Identifiers/LnbRef and LotId
  • Bulk upload page layout improvements
  • Form arrangement improvements
  • Admin user can have access to all uploads made by other users
  • Register all is available from Upload Summary page
  • Structures with error can be downloaded from the Upload Summary page
  • Structures (ready, erroneous or all) can be deleted from the Upload Summary page
  • Update structures is available from the Upload Summary page
  • Long salt name are displayed on selection
  • A filtered Staging area can be viewed using the error cards from the Upload Summary page 
  • Human readable status messages are displayed in the Staging area and Submission page 
  • Detailed structure checker errors are displayed on the cards of the Upload Summary page

API changes

  • SOAP API has been modified: submission Status XML serialization changed


  • Fix the case of submissions with "Unknown error" in the Staging area caused by duplicate LotIds

  • Fix for the not working LotId "unique" validation when the LotId "required" switch was off

  • Fix for disappearing molecules during the upload

  • Fix for not overwriting a valid license by an invalid one

  • Fix for SQL exposure in exception message from installer wizard

  • Fix for Upload Summary page IE11 layout issues

  • Fix for Register lot page when no error message is displayed if the user enters an LnbRef instead of CN or PCN


If you use version 18.1.22 or earlier and the "required" LotId is off (which is the default setting), then your Identifier table can contain LotId(5) duplications, and 0 values. From now we do not allow duplications in that table. The data auto migration cannot be made, since data might be lost. Therefore, we strongly recommend to contact our Consultancy Team to do the upgrade. 

Known issues

  • Submissions cannot be downloaded/deleted from the Upload Summary page
  • Cannot login after using wrong AD settings
  • Migration failing with timeout for "No structure"

April 5, 2018, Compound Registration 18.04.09-2578

New features and improvements

  • Two-step registration is available on the Upload page: submissions are not registered, but flagged with "Ready for Registration" and found in the Staging area
  • Recent uploads are displayed on the Upload page
  • Detailed summary report is available for each bulk upload session
  • Selected/all submissions can be deleted from the Upload summary page

Known issues

  • Migration failing with timeout for "No structure"

March 23, 2018, Compound Registration 18.03.26-2532

New features and improvements

  • New statistic page created for each bulk registartion session with detailed summary report collected during the upload: successful and unsuccessful processes, errors, error categories etc.. 


  • LnbRef field appears again when the Virtual Compound button switched off

  • Register lot functionality is not allowed in the Submission page
  • Lots are moved to a new tree after version and lot level amendment using Oracle DB
  • No Structure with CST as a component of an Alternate, Mixture, Formulation, or a Polymer is registered as No Structure instead of Single Structure
  • Broken Register lot page in case of long additional data
  • Wrong error message when bulk registering no structures by mapping existing PCNs

Known issues

  • Migration failing with timeout for "No structure"

March 6, 2018, Compound Registration 18.03.12-2503

New features and improvements

  • "No Structure" structure type is available, and it must be used to register compounds without structure
  • "No Structure" compounds can be registered without providing CST
  • Parent Ids (PCNs) can be mapped during the upload of "No Structures"
  • Suggestion list is shown when amending structures
  • Suggestion list displays all matches (e.g. Stereoisomer-Different CST)
  • "Original structure" is stored also when amending a structure on parent level
  • The list of previously uploaded files is shown on the Upload page
  • New Administration page is created for Pages (Registration, Browse, Submission, Staging), Workflow, Notification and Navigation settings. Administration/Configuration page has been removed.
  • Staging area and Search page have new table looks


  • New lot can be registered under an existing stereoismer with "ISOMER #" attached data

  • Markush table contains all non-Markush results
  • BrokerService error, memory allocation
  • Lock fails because it's persisted
  • Thumbnail image on the search page should reflect the same structure view
  • Install wizard does not start for fresh instance
  • Bulk upload stops working (ActiveMQ, JMS Connection is unable to recover)
  • After registering a Markush structure a star atom is displayed on the lot level


  • The old match list is used for multi-component compounds during registrations and amendments

API changes

  • SOAP API has been modified. "amendStructure" does not need source as parameter, it is already included in the structure

Known issues

  • Suggestion list also be displayed if only additional data is changed
  • When MySQL database is used and there are multiple Compound Registration schemas on the same server, please make sure that the configured database user has privileges only on the configured database schema
  • Migration failing with timeout for "No structure"

January 15, 2018, Compound Registration 18.01.22-2339

New features and improvements

  • JChem and Marvin JS upgrade. JChem: 18.1.0 (JChem table: 17290000), Marvin JS: 17.30.0


  • An underscore within a CST results in the subscript of the following character

  • Active MQ does not persist messages

Known issues

  • Installer wizard is broken, should be configured manually.

December 12, 2017, Compound Registration 17.12.18-2275

New features and improvements

  • The original (drawn or uploaded) structure is stored for the registered structure within the Compound History.

  • Ability to amend a virtual compound (on parent and version level).
  • Improved Registration option (formerly system switchers) configuration: Administration/Registration options

  • Improved search: search is run only on the compounds for which the user has access
  • Polymer generation: explicit Hydrogens can be considered as leaving groups (if the Remove Explicit Hydrogen standardizer action is not present in the configuration)
  • Improved Identifiers configuration page: Administration/Integration/Identifiers
  • Improved Structure checker configuration page: Administration/Chemistry/Structure Checkers
  • Registered compounds can be linked to a 3rd party inventory: Administration/Integration/Links

October 25, 2017, Compound Registration 17.10.30-2159

New features and improvements

  • New match (suggestions) list is used during registration.

  • Additional data can be saved on parent level for multi-component compounds

  • DB password is encrypted during command line or via web-interface installation.

  • A script is available for clearing all the structures from the database while keeping the configuration, users, groups and projects in the system.

  • JChem and Marvin JS upgrade. JChem: 17.25.0 (JChem table: 17240000), Marvin JS: 17.24.0

  • Possibility to set license URL via the environment variable CHEMAXON_LICENSE_URL

  • Security changes: Strong password is enforced; After a certain number of failed login attempts the user is locked out.

  • Administration page changes:

    • New hierarchical navigation

    • New categories: Menu and Advanced. Menu: Access Control, Forms, Chemistry, Chemical structures, General settings. Advanced: Configuration, Sources, Integration, Tools.

    • Access Control includes: Users, Groups, Projects. Projects includes the formerly Configuration/SecurityConfig.

    • Forms: Forms and Fields, Dictionary Manager

    • Chemistry: General (Allow isotopic parent, Check for positive charges, Check for balanced charge); Salts and solvates (including also the salt/solvate related settings formerly from the Configuration/ValidationConfig); Standardizer (formerly Configuration/StandardizerConfig); Stereo Analyzer (formerly Configuration/StereoAnalyzer)

    • Chemical structures: Structure types (formerly Tools) including also the Polymer and Mixture settings (formerly Configuration/PolymerConfig and Configuration/ValidationConfig); Image options (formerly Configuration/StructureDisplayConfig)

    • General settings page is created includes: Date format, Show version level and Virtual compound registration

    • Sources: Source settings formerly from the Configuration/ValidationConfig

    • Integration: Downstream (formerly Configuration/DownstreamConfig); Identifiers including LnbRef and LotID settings (formerly Configuration/ValidationConfig) and General ID settings (formerly Configuration/IDConfig).


  • Cannot modify the Source on parent level

  • Link from Search Results doesn't navigate to the correct record (when the same number is used as a PCN and LnbRef/LN)

  • Submission is empty if Register lot is used with an invalid LnbRef

  • Empty list items are listed when appending fields of forms

  • Search performance issue when for a user that have no project based access to a lots of compounds present in the DB

  • IE11, Mozilla FF: the ID field is empty on the Register lot page

  • Dashboard is empty after logging in with case-insensitive username

  • Changed source is not applied when using the Register lot functionality

  • Cannot upload Markush or structures having OR1 flag

  • LnbRefs should be trimmed during bulk upload

  • Registration fails for Register lot if no LnbRef is provided

  • Structure image generation fails due to corrupted additional data

  • Using "chemicalterms" and FieldGenerator: name is changed also for the original structure

  • Project based access on: tree is not visible

  • Cancelled structural change is still applied

  • Registration is not prevented when uploading an SDF that does not have the required fields

August 28, 2017, Compound Registration 17.08.28-1996

New features and improvements

Ability to edit metadata of a lot when the lot is part of a multi-component compound.

Structure types (e.g. Mixture) accessible from the structure editor can be hidden.

Project assignment is made for case insensitive LDAP usernames. 

Email addresses as usenames and long usernames are allowed.

Search button is disabled while a search is in progress.


Fix for Failing registration if name generation (via chemical terms) is used in case of empty structures.

Fix for Load mapping file on the Upload page.

Fix for Source change does not refresh additional data inputs on the Browse page.

Fix for Unable to register with empty Project field using MySQL DB when using Project based access.

Fix for No results are displayed when changing the search level (all the search criteria all deleted when changing the search level).

Fix for Molecular formula overlaps the Molweight value using Internet Explorer.

Known issues

Markush structures cannot be registered at all. Structures having "or1" flags can be automatically registered but cannot be registered using advanced registration mode or from the Staging area. Already registered Markush structures or structures with "or1" flags cannot be successfully changed/amended.

Workaround: remove the StructureTypeValidator from all workflows (Administration/Configuration/WorkflowConfig) and restart the server.

August 9, 2017, Compound Registration 17.08.14-1931

Suggestion list improvements.

Adding primary key to the MULTI_COMPONENTS table.

Fix for polymer publishing to downstream when associating projects.

Fix for NPE when "chemicalterms" was used (Oracle).

Fix for Active Directory authentication issue.

July 21, 2017, Compound Registration 17.07.24-1889

New navigation bar.

New layout of the Registration, Submission and Browse pages.

The registration of compounds having Unknown CSTs can be controlled by a switcher, CSTs are not automatically added to the CST Dictionary.

Formerly "Check" option is renamed to "Find" (near to the structure editor).

Suggestion list improvements: the formerly "2D match" type is replaced with "stereoisomer" and "CST different" match types.

LDAP usernames can be used case-insensitive during login. 

Fix for the constant flashing error (There is no configuration for "") received on the Browse page.

Fix for the failing polymer publishing to downstream when using projects.

Fix for the SOAP authentication issue.

July 03, 2017, Compound Registration 17.07.10-1844

Bug fixes related to:

  • Basic authentication
  • JChem version dependency clash

June 23, 2017, Compound Registration 17.06.26-1828

Registration of virtual compounds (compounds without lots) is available on the Registration and Upload pages.

New "Check" window (Suggestion list) for suggested structures based on the database matches is available on the Registration, Submission and Browse pages.

Fix for the successful saving of the mapping file on the Upload page.

Fix for the SDF file import of submissions in the Staging area.

June 7, 2017, Compound Registration 17.06.12-1738

Resource handling of Compound Registration has been changed!

External resources of the registration system will be loaded from the home directory from now on. More details can be found here.

The installation wizard is available. Includes the followings:

  • License configuration page
  • Database configuration page
  • Creating the admin user
  • Welcome page for missing properties

The login.html was removed and the login page is put in the angular application.

Improved polymer handling.

Fix for: Cannot use any type of LnbRef when loading components from the DB

Fix for: Substructure search won't find every eligible structure

Fix for: Applet is not loading in IE

Fix for: Project info is displayed twice on the Browse page if the Project based access is enabled

Fix for: The project list has an empty item when a submission without project is in staging (Oracle)

May 16, 2017, Compound Registration 17.05.22-1687

New login page and login.html has been removed.

New REST API documentation.

Exchange webservices2 with custom MarvinJs services (integrated to a custom controller).

The application can run without authentication properties.

Project lists can be stored/displayed for a lot.

Back to search results remembers the exact position in the Search result list.

Improved polymer representation.

JChem version upgraded to 17.2.27.

KahaDB was eliminated, temporary files are not created.

"Update layout" info can be delivered in the downstream system.

New salt/solvate import.

Fix the substructure search in order to display all the matches.

Fix the applet not loading issue in IE.

Fix for Register lot not successful if providing the LnbRef is not required.

April 3, 2017, Compound Registration 17.04.10-1606

Components can be loaded by providing the LnbRef.

The full name and email of the user can be saved.

Search page: select all option is available.

Search page: sorting is remembered.

UI is adapting to the screen size.

Fix for "Created on" field is not populated on the UI.

Fix for preventing registering Mixtures containing two identical components.

March 9, 2017, Compound Registration 17.03.13-1525

The search field is added to the navigation bar, left side Browse is removed.

New style Search page: more intuitive "More columns" dropdown, more intelligent row clicking, remembering column configuration.

New improved Forms and Field configuration page.

Administration menu order change.

New style Dictionary Manager.

February 21, 2017, Compound Registration 17.02.27-1504

New Salt and Solvate page.

Improved Forms and Fields Configuration.

REST API documentation available.

February 9, 2017, Compound Registration 17.02.13-1447

System requirements have been changed to Java JDK: 1.8 and Apache Tomcat 8.

Improved Access Control: new Users & Groups and Projects pages. 

Fix "Register All" issue from the Staging area in case of compounds having no structure just CST.

Fix the bulk upload issue for large SD Files containing compounds having no structure just CST.

Fix for Oracle issue, when adding additional data resulted in a list.

Fix for Register lot functionality used from the Submission page.

Fix for the shifted table columns on the Staging and Search page.

Fix for advanced registration in the case when Id providing (LnbRef) is not needed.

Fix for bulk upload when invalid format characters where used for salt fields.

January 24, 2017, Compound Registration 17.01.30-1410

Improved the handling of multi-component compounds. Store components at version level. 

Introduce handling of Polymers. Polymers can be created and stored from registered monomers.

Project info can be amended.

Fix the bulk upload issue when "Auto-generated" was set for the Library identifier.

The "matchId" property has been removed from the API calls and its functionality was merged into the "compId" property.

November 18, 2016, Compound Registration 16.11.21-1195

Field generator (e.g. Chemical Terms) implemented.

November 7, 2016, Compound Registration 16.11.07-1164

Ability to register a lot from the Browse page.

Ability to navigate back to the Search page from the Browse page.

Improved field configuration.

Storing the "source" also for parent and version level and "source" changes can be saved on each level.

October 11, 2016, Compound Registration 16.10.17-1095

Fixing Internet Explorer 11 Registration page issue.

Structure Editor: salts and solvates are listed with their names and IDs.

October 10, 2016, Compound Registration 16.10.10-1092

The new layout of the Registration, Submission and Browse pages.

Browsing page with two different looks: View and Edit mode.

Forms and fields validations are available.

Measurement data can be registered within a collection type group.

Salts and solvates can be added from one single button.

August 31, 2016, Compound Registration 16.09.05-917

Expanding the Register lot functionality.

Simplifying the storing of multi-component compounds.

A prototype for measurement data is available.

August 22, 2016, Compound Registration 16.08.29-897

Date filtering is available on the Search page.

August 15, 2016, Compound Registration 16.08.22-870

Publicly accessible download site for the Compound Registration was created.

July 25, 2016, Compound Registration 16.07.25-806

Monitoring that checks the availability of CompReg test servers was added.

July 18, 2016, Compound Registration 16.07.18-795

Changes in the REST API to enable requests of structures based on any ID.

January, 2014: Compound Registration 6.2.0

New Features and Improvements

Registration Web Client

  • An administration interface is available for the new general dictionary handling module
  • New stereo and geometric isomerism sample dictionaries are available that can be used e.g. in the configurable dropdown fields
  • New staging table user interface was created that features dynamic filtering and pagination free navigation
  • Staging area user interface can now have different configurations for different user groups (if a user is part of multiple groups then the union of the items defined for the groups will be available for the user)

Registration Back-end Services

  • A standardized server-side parameter management solution is implemented that helps the easy configuration of the back-end business rules
  • A refactored packaging is provided with a single war file for easier deployment
  • External data reader service is now fully integrated into the application
  • A command line tool can be provided to help the MySQL-to-Oracle migration
  • On parent and version level the submitter is also calculated from the preparation level data
  • A general dictionary handling module is provided on server side
  • A new Spring based authentication solution is provided that supports authentication against local DB, LDAP, AD
  • Submission source based StuctureChecker configurations of the system are now exposed to the client application(s)

Integration, Export-Import

  • The VERSION_SALT_SOLVATE table is populaterd during the downstream data transfer


Registration Web Client

  • A parent-only record could not be displayed when the system was configured to hide the version level
  • Event triggering and synchronization issues are fixed when using the structure editor in Mozilla Firefox
  • The fused image is the default view and all the necessary buttons are enabled on the amendment page even if using MarvinJS as a structure editor

Registration Back-end Services

  • LLA: twig optimization was performed when two lots were present but the user had permission only for one of those lots
  • Users having only "read", "read_own" or "write_own" permissions within a project could undelete lots which belonged to other users
  • The submitter ID of a newly created version was enherited from the parent instead of the lot
  • After accepting a match the newly created version would not inherit the submitter of its own preparation

November, 2013: Compound Registration 6.1.3


Registration Web Client

  • An additional button is available on the registration confirmation dialog that redirects to an external page
  • Customizable dropdowns can be created optionally on the free-text input fields of the registration page
  • It is possible to include the logged in user ID in the validation query of the fields on registration page
  • The content of the "Registration successful" is now configurable

Registration Back-end Services

  • A refactored packaging is provided with a single war file for easier deployment
  • LotID is now populated with the autoincremented ID of the PREPARATION DB table if the incoming LotID is 0 and LotID validations are turned off

Integration, Export-Import

  • The VERSION table of the downstream DB contains a fused structure image of the version (besides the structure and salt fingerprint)


Registration Web Client

  • Salt import issues fixed on certain combinations of Internet Explorer 10 - Java 7 runtime - https connection
  • No results were displayed on the search page if the user had no permission to view the first 5 preparations
  • Long text entries were not visible in the dropdown fields
  • Using Internet Exploer 10 project access control window was empty
  • Once Marvin JS was loaded, parent multiplicity could not be modified
  • CST dropdown on Registration/Submission/Amendment pages was hidden behind the structure editor
  • Close button had to be clicked several times in order to close a structure opened from a search query list

Integration, Export-Import

  • Records having parent multiplicity were not going downstream
  • Submissions registered by the Bulkloader are now properly transferred downstream

September, 2013: Compound Registration 6.1.0

New Features and Improvements

Registration Web Client

  • Hiding the Version level on the Amendment page is configurable
  • Hiding the Version level on the Search page is configurable
  • It is possible to bulk register saved/restored submissions
  • Salts and/or solvates can be imported from an SD file
  • Marvin for JavaScript as available as a structure editor
  • The displayed columns on the Search page are customizable
  • The 'Assign to specified user' functionality is available on the Submission page
  • Project data can be searched and filtered on the Search page
  • Project info storage and basic administration GUI page

Registration Back-end Services

  • A new service method is available that returns and also reserves the next available PCN(s)
  • Project based restrictions are applied for registration, staging, amendment and search procedures
  • Hiding the Version level on the Amendment page is configurable
  • Hiding the Version level on the Search page is configurable
  • The autoversionfix code is updated with the new MCES algorithm
  • Project data can be searched and filtered on the Search page
  • Configurable corporate ID can be generated for the Lot level


Registration Web Client

  • It was not possible to bulk register submissions with edited structures, the records were registered with their original structures, not with the modified ones
  • On the Search page a part of the search query and results were greyed out
  • On the Amendment page it was not possible to change the parent multiplicity if the salt/solvate info was not modified
  • Structure type was empty for registered records with "unknown=isomer #" data
  • Bulkloader was not working and it was not possible to successfully import salt/solvates from an SD file using IE10 browser

Registration Back-end Services

  • It was not possible to continue a registration that involved manual version fix if an inconsistent tree was caused

Integration, Export-Import

  • Exported search results containing "or#" flags and "and1" flags with "Range 56-79%" were not displayed in MarvinView

July, 2013: Compound Registration 6.0.2


Registration Web Client

  • Staging table was empty when running Oracle on certain localizations

June, 2013: Compound Registration 6.0.1

Improvements on the Registration Web Client

  • Apply common ChemAxon style to the User administration table
  • Salt search table cleanup, styling and usability changes


Registration Web Client

  • The "No salts and solvates found" message was not received when searching for non-existing salt/solvate Id
  • The registration/amendment of records with the salts/solvates was not possible using the "Open salt admin page" button in the "No salts and solvates found" window
  • On the Amendment page when changing the structure type or added/modified a component CST, there was no Amend option unless you click in the structure area or in the CST field
  • It was not possible to register a CST only record using ChemDraw as structure editor if you clicked on the structure area
  • Mixtures with ranges [21-44% and 45-55%] / [56-79% and 45-55% ] were not client validated and they fell to the Staging area
  • On the Submission page there was no response when clicking on Register after correcting the LnbRef

Registration Back-end Services

  • When using the register with CN option the lot level additional data were not stored
  • Inconsistent tree was caused after amending a single compound to a multi-component compound when the components are newly created and further amendment is performed on the multi-component compound while the parent and version Ids are kept
  • Two PCN's are reserved for the same component when registering a multi-component compound with two components having the same component (with isotope or with charge)
  • It was possible to register salts/solvates without name
  • The RejectId system switcher set to "true" had no effect on "No structure" submissions since these were still visible in the Staging area

May, 2013: Compound Registration 6.0.0

New Features and Improvements

Registration Web Client

  • Ability to use ChemDraw as a structure editor instead of MarvinSketch applet
  • Internet Explorer compatibility (v9 or higher)
  • Configurable data input fields on the Registration page (mandatory/optional fields, data validation rules)
  • Chemically Significant Text dictionary, ability to select CSTs from a predefined list
  • Specify custom molecular formula during registration, store in the database
  • Enter project data for submissions, configure data validation on project input
  • View project data for parent, version and lot levels on the Amendment page
  • Real-time validation of input fields on the Registration page

Registration Back-end Services

  • LotID validation configurability – mandatory/optional, uniqueness check
  • Storage of project data in the registry database
  • Return project data for parent, version and lot levels
  • E-mail feedback to the submitter about the status of a submission

Integration, Export-Import


Registration Web Client

Registration Back-end Services

Integration, Export-Import